Imagination is more important than knowledge.

They say life is but a dream, I wonder if dreams will do it’s job on its own. I am too young to die and too tired to live. I am in that place where i wish there was a somewhere else. I dreamed about a world in which I was granted wings to fly. If I could fly… What a world that would be? Would be something, wouldn’t it be?

I would no longer be a prisoner to my dreams. The fears inside my heart wouldn’t last for over a moment.. Life will never be the same ever. How long do fears really last, I wonder. Im afraid It could for even a lifetime. I have to do this and I have to do this quick, for there is no more time, says my broken self.

If I could fly, I’d be the only one, and I’d be super. I’d no longer be tied to earth, after all, I’d have important things to seek up above.

If I could fly I’d never come back down to earth, because there’d be nothing left for me to do here. I might look for answers to many questions, perhaps in a wind I find from inside the grey clouds. Perhaps a wind that is waiting to pour. I’d fly just as fast as the wind, and just as slow. I’d ride on rainbows and feel the clouds. I would be one step closer to being a child forever, one step closer to god, and just one step away from everything else.

Last but not the least, if I could fly.. I’d not give up that life for anything. It may not be the best thing that could have happened to me, but it will be.


Why I think Autism is the next level in Human Consciousness

Question your reality. Make a life changing thought.

My research on autism began many years ago. The reason i started researching on this particular subject is because of a conversation I had with a friend about acid. I hadn’t experienced an acid trip yet, but this friend of mine had already attained a scholarly state in tripping and his explanation was so imaginative, that I already knew what it was to trip and to flip.

For those of you who don’t know what an acid trip is, do not try it at home. It’s not the acid that cleans your bathroom. Beware, my aunt died because she had some of it, and god bless her, she had a nasty death.

The theory that autism may be the evolution of human consciousness began when i learnt a little about the autistic brain In the year 2009. It is the fact that doctors and scientists from all over the world have discovered that autistic people have a different brain. It’s called the autistic brain. It’s bigger than the human brain. It’s got more grey matter, which is responsible for feelings like dejavu and what we recognise as long term memory. I learnt this thing about the grey matter in my 12th std. I had taken psychology as the main paper.

It’s been the most interesting subject I’ve wanted to study about, from ever since.

I wish to continue my research on the amygdala as soon as i have the time to continue my scientific research. Right now, my hands are full with law and cinema.

Anyway back to autism. Autism is not a disease, it is a disorder, which as humans, we cannot understand. And therefore the condition has been classified under mental illness which i furiously fight against, because from an autistic persons point of view, it could be us who is mentally ill.

I believe the autistic mind is an advanced brain condition. Science is a growing resource for mankind which serves the thirst for knowledge. Science has developed something called a theory of the mind. As in, we have been told that each person has a mind of their own and that each person’s mind has a different set of thoughts, beliefs, desires and intent. That each person’s mind can only be accessed by introspection and reading another’s mind is equal to magic, therefore, impossible.

Our constitutional law and international civil code is a principle based on this theory, and therefore change in such a belief, would change our entire civilization, the way we think, the reason for existence and would eventually let us question reality itself.

The reason why I think autism is a higher consciousness is because of an autistic persons nature of existence. There’s a test called the Sally-Anne test, for all children. Children who fail this test are classified under the autism spectrum, and the levels are graded to identify the depth of their condition. Now the Sally-Anne test proves the existence or the non-existence of the theory of a mind.

The mind theory is necessary for us humans to accept these children either into our society or to classify them as mentally ill. The test is a simple skit that children are asked to sit and watch. In the end, the children are questioned and their answer determines their life.

In the skit, two dolls are placed each with a basket, and three marbles on the floor. One of the doll is Sally, and the other is Anne. Sally takes the three marbles and keeps it in her basket, she then leaves the basket and goes out for a break. While Sally is away, Anne takes the marble from Sally’s basket and keeps it in her own. Now the question.

When Sally returns where will she look for the marbles.
Where will Sally look for her marbles?

Non-autistic children will say that she will look in Sally’s own basket, but autistic children, will say that she will look in Anne’s basket.

Sally left her basket with the marbles. Is it not natural for her to find the marbles in her own basket? Why would she go looking for it in Anne’s!

The Sally-Anne test not only proves that autistic people do not have a theory of the mind but also proves that they believe in a universal mind. Which in our scientific world, does not exist. It is a fundamental law, according to natural law, that you cannot prove what does not exist.

Autistic people believe in universal consciousness and therefore, they cannot lie to one another, or even understand what it is to be cheated, or to think further, do the many things that humanity does to one each other especially because they believe that no one will know what happens as long as it has been told. My personal explanation to this, is a growth in consciousness. Autism is a higher level of consciousness.

I believe in humans, we still have the ability to see the truth in reality. But as long as science is the only source, to prove or to probe such notions, it is irrational to read other people’s minds, but however such an act can be explained, through the existence of a sub-conscious mind.

Therefore, my explanation to autism, is that, it is equal to a sub-conscious living, only consciously. I believe that they know the universal truth, that they do not think of what others might think, or believe that others may have a different perspective or believe that an idea belongs to them alone.

They may believe in a universal mind, and for the sake of god, let us all think for one moment, what if that is true? What if there is a future for a society of mankind, made of people with a pure, creative and a united conscience. What if?


The Human Condition

Righteousness, as Krishna teaches Arjuna

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.” Ezekiel 25:17,

Just like in “Pulp Fiction“, the verse before the angry man fires many rounds of bullets onto another human being, with no fear or love, as his master’s slave. His own act of Righteousness! A beautiful movie, indeed. However, my friend, life is not just a movie and most times, it is not just Beautiful. When you shoot someone in reality, they die. And, if you killed someone, you are bound to feel bad. That, is the Human condition, that is how we exist. We are made to emote, to each other and to ourselves. But chances are, if you are a mean person, you most probably wont.

There is a valley of darkness for each one of us, and while we are at it, there are people around us, watching, if not for anything, just to laugh. They have filled their heart with hatred, and emptied themselves into a box. They Live in a void, and love it. Someday, they would realize, they live only in their head!

There is an angry Jules in all of us, an angry dark person, who does not understand the true nature of a so called, Civilization. Who does not understand, why we do what we do, every single day.

Why we wake up from sleep and find a new day. Why we look for a pathway? Why are we hoping to be led somewhere? Why do we trust people? We respect people, we love people, we live by our word. We hope and pray, each day, that today would be better day. That today, will change our life. Someone, somewhere, somehow, will change our life. But the truth is, it will not. We live in a state of yesterday forever. It is not a very good state.

Building stories in our head, calling if Life. What we experience in our day-to-day scenarios is a harsh truth, we feel it and remain contained within our feelings. We express ourselves to each other. We call ourselves, people. We change our faces, we laugh, we cry. We act what we feel, and we react, to what we feel.

We are slaves to our own minds. The place where everything ends and begins. A chaotic hyper galaxy. Always active, and functional. Leading us forward in time. Most times, we have no idea why we did what we did. Only later, we sit and ponder, recollect scenes and shots of yesterday and the day before and go back to childhood. While at the state of ponder, it is pretty much possible to go back to childhood. Its pretty much possible to never return.

With Memories fresh in the mind, with places never forgotten. With a sensation of having lived, we contain back in the box and go back to sleep. Like nothing ever happened. Like you never had a problem. Cheated by our own nature and living with a higher one. Our ever existing nature to forget, and the higher nature to remember. We call it just memories and go back to sleep.

Only our memory is based on how people made us feel, which in turn, is our own personal story. Without it, we are just mad people. Changing our faces, smiling, laughing, angry, sad, lifeless, regardless, and very very worried about something we never understand.

We are humans. We live in a condition. Its called Madness. To make things look cool, we call it a civilization. We are the righteous, living in an era of an Awakening. We are being deceived by pretentious people, who need our trust and respect.

We respect people only because we love them. But in the end, they will shoot us in our head, and will not be bothered about having done it, because, they just don’t care.

These people exist all around us. They have returned to their animal nature and use language as a tool to lie. They pretend to be nice, only to attack when you are not watching. Like Hyenas. They call themselves the Governments, the leaders, the bosses, The important and all. They are Pretentious. They exist in our society, and we, the crazy civilians, spend our entire life, trying to understand them.

We are fools of love. Cheated and spat on. Nobody cares about our existence, they only make it seem, like it does.