My mission is to make the world understand Autism


Autism is not a mental disorder. It is an evolution of the human brain.

From language to education, from science to engineering and the invention of economy, our growth has been phenomenal over the past few centuries. We are taking engineering and medicine to a great new level. Everything is becoming modernized. Soon there would be no men working at construction sites. There will be computer operated machines creating large scale constructions on its own. There would be a cure for all diseases. There may be a time when there are no diseases at all. It may be told that most of the diseases are imaginary.

There would be a cure for imagination. Hypnosis would be advanced. May be my imagination is faster than time but the idea of a modern civilization is manifesting. It is 2015 and the future is bright. It’s beautiful and it’s made in chrome. Man is complete, or so we thought, until the man of the future came along.

Autism spectrum was first diagnosed and speculated upon in the beginning of 1980s. The spectrum was discovered and people thought of it as an epidemic, they were looking for a cure. Parents from all over the world were educated about autism. One by one autistic children were identified. Over the next two decades the reason for autism was questioned and pondered upon. Many scientists and doctors searched and researched to know the reason for autism.

From vaccines to genomes every idea was conceived and tested. Today every child out of 68 children is autistic. In 1980, the number was 1 in 10,000 children, in 1990 it was 1 in 500, in 2000; the autism statistic in USA was 1 in 250 children. In 2004: 1 in 166 American children were affected, in 2009, 1 in 110 and in 2013: 1 in 68 children are autistic.

In the year 2013 the idea of gene mutation was brought into consideration by Dr. Mathew. W. State, Psychiatrist, University of California, and the reason for autism was officially discovered. Autism is a result of gene mutation. It means that from the first amoeba to ape and to man, our genes were transferred in a pattern. The gene of mankind was successful, we made more babies, we built newer and newer civilizations and we found a way to co-exist. If you asked me i’d say man is over estimating himself to think that he can destroy his universe. There would be a greater species than man, just a few thousand years from now.

Anyway, in 1900’s there was a gene mutation. It was like one braid in a million braids that went wrong and the result was autism. Autism is a brain condition that consists of a spectrum of disorder, from attention to communication, therefore the name given to it is the Autism Spectrum.

The condition is purely a communication disability. Humans have a need to belong to a community, a need to interact. It fulfils his thirst to understand, to know what another person is thinking or feeling. Therefore when a man comes along non-communicative, and does not behave the way he does, he brands him mentally disabled.

The truth of autism must be explained. Autistic people have a different brain. They cannot understand the things we do, for example smelling water might be absolutely brilliant according to them, but from our perspective, it would be stupid.

I say, the ability to talk and express feelings has only confused us. Language is an invention. Man was not born to speak. Man was born. There was no reason to it, just like autism. Language was invented and is in use till date to express feelings. What you want. What you feel. What you’re opinion is. To express what you are thinking, to make life more beautiful. Language is only a series of sounds learnt and mastered to express a particular meaning. Philosophically saying, i realize, there is no meaning. Meaning is what we imagine it to be.

It is known that autistic children are gifted in many ways. Human beings cannot even begin to understand the possibilities of such advanced cognition. From Human calculators to eidetic memories there are some significant traits of autistic children. The question is how do we tap that side of them, how do we understand, educate and create a community for autistic children say as a means of finding a course of transfer to the human evolution. If you want to be superior you must act superior. People like Dr. Ami Klin, are proving that infants who don’t make eye contact are 90% likely to become autistic. I wonder if that is the right direction to analyze the autism spectrum.

To understand autism, we must first understand ourselves. We must understand the human condition. Emotional life is as important as everything to creativity. If there is a reason why man fails to see the truth about autism it is because man cannot understand his own emotional life. The human condition is worth being studied as the results may make us question our very reality. We have all gone past a phase wondering what is going on, why are we in this world. Where did it all come from? How would it all end? What is the future? How does change happen?

Autism is a gateway to a world that mankind has failed to explore. In all odds i think autism is a gift. It is a gift given to us by god to explore the world in a brand new way. It’s a brand new brain.

I feel underprivileged knowing that I’m not autistic, because like all gadgets when there is a new one, we all wish for the latest kind. I understand the pain of the parents of autistic children. They are worried because they are trying to give their children a better life, because our definition of life is very standard.

We must all educate ourselves on the basic studies, we should find a field that we are interested in and contribute to it or just work hard enough to build a life, so we can feed ourselves and survive to understand the many feelings of love. As a human being, i feel terrible to know that autism has stunted the growth of feelings in autistic children. Why should they be cut out from being together with us?

For that reason alone, we must think, we must find a way to create a community for an upcoming era of evolution. Autistic people are communicating from various parts of the world. They are expressing their feelings and emotions. They are telling us what they are going through. They are telling us what they feel. They are letting us know what they want and why they do what they do. They are making their presence felt. As humans it is our duty to address this situation and bring about a change to our world. The dream is ours. The dream is always ours. We can make this world whatever we want it to be. Yours sincerely, Mk Yamini.



Changing Realities

Reality changes, as you believe.

There is always one reality. What is present and what is right now. This reality, constantly changes and it changes with time. We have previously learnt that time is the unsolvable mystery of life. The factor being it cannot be seen or felt and it keeps moving forward. We can never go back in time and no one can tamper it. This is our blind faith in the mystery of time, and it is due to this blind faith we fail to recognize a wonderful changing reality, that is changing constantly.

We live in submission to our own belief and remain limited by it. Our belief in time is so unshakable that it is impossible for us to stop and think for one moment, that time might not exist. After all, we work on time, we wake up on time, we sleep on time, we eat on time, we live for the time-being, then how could we begin to believe that time is not real? But the truth my friend, is that, it isn’t.

Time is a dimension, a perception, a concept. A concept created by mankind. Time is imaginary. The reason for its creation, is to measure the rate of change. This world is constantly changing and without time, we will never be able to follow history. Our life would be meaningless without time. It would be as though, everything happened at once. We might die with the sensation of never having lived at all. To make our human life comprehensible to our own selves, great minds of the past, invented time. It is not part of our nature, it is part of our minds.

Reality is unique to everyone of us. Each of us have a unique story running on our minds about ourselves. We are the creators of our lives. What we believe is our reality. Our future is as we see. Our mind is a fabulous agent that helps us move forward and at the same time keeps us contained within our insecurities. We are the strongest and only if we want to be.

We are a reasoning device. All we need is one reason to make us believe what we want to believe. We are free beings who can do anything we want. We live in a society, it contains many of us. It is we who compromise and blame others for our failures. It is a reason we find to not move forward, to not take control and remain stuck in a place, where we don’t want to be. We fear future. We fear what we can’t see and dont know. We fear life.

Reality is a wonderful journey through change. It takes courage to move forward in time. It is stupid to wait for opportunities. The fearless, follows his dream. Each one of us have amazing dreams, and would do anything to make it true. Would it not be great if someone had told us how to make our dreams come true? A strange part of life is that, sometimes all that we need to do, is take the first step, and everything else will fall in place.

This universe loves us. This universe would do anything to make our dream come true. All that we need to do is believe in it. Believe that if we are on the right pathway, the right will happen. If something is going wrong it is only because we are not right. Spiritual learning never seizes. It is an ongoing process from birth to death. God‘s guiding light stays with us forever. We have to open our eyes to see it.

Our job in darkness, is to take decisions. Our mind involves us in the decision making process all the time. There are no wrong decisions, only doubts that lurk beneath the surface. It takes confidence to stick to our decisions. When we stick to our decisions, reality changes. Life is like an escalator, all you need to do is take the first step, and we will be dropped off where we need to be. It helps if we are aware of where we stand. It makes it easy to get off, after all, you never know how many more escalators you need to take. You never know how far you need to go.