A thing or two about love..

But first about how to write.. someone I used to admire once told me a little something about my writing.. And I remember it still. She said “the best thing about your writing is how you go in detail to explain everything about it.” I remember that at this moment. Because the moment I think of love I find myself looking back at my very first experience in love. And I can recollect my past experiences like a movie and tell what is wrong and what is right. It’s as if love has been the same but the people have changed. It’s as if I have been in love all 31 years of my life. (Would be nice if that were true.) And yet I make the same mistakes.

I always thought of marriage as an instituition. Perhaps because of a quote I found in my house when I grew up. My parents had this quote on a piece of wood. It used to hang in the walls of my childhood home. The quote said “marriage is a fine institution, but not everyone likes to live in an institution” and I have always wondered..

I am now married and no I don’t think marriage is an institution anymore. If anything I find marriage liberating. But I understand that marriage is love. Everything I learnt about love as a teenager or an adolescent or even an adult I am experiencing again in my marriage. The fights, the romance, the seperation, the pain, the care, everything about my marriage tells me how alike love and marriage are. I even find myself wondering why I did not marry for so many years before I actually did.

But like any relationship, and most importantly than all, a marriage requires a lot of sacrifice. This is the closest i have ever felt to realizing a fairy tale. God knows exactly what we want and gives us exactly that. But one should know how to read the signs. If you find an opportunity see it as a sign and grab it with both hands. Life is to be lived, not watched.


How much more should I fail? Will I ever succeed?

My husband took me to this free seminar by rohini mundra called the extra ordinary you.. I was feeling quite bored out there. Not because I was not interested in the seminar or all those great talks and lectures that were being given out there. But because these are things I already know and understand. Our time in this world is very limited. Our time in this world is to be successful. This entire seminar was about achieving success, it was as though they were rubbing it on my face. Yamini, you are a failure and if you need to succeed you need to take charge of your life. And I agree, I have failed not once but many times. I failed in every aspect of my life. I failed to become the perfect version of me. I instead became the perfect version of my nightmares. All the way through growing up I related with rebels because I was rebelling against the society. I was rebelling against my parents. Because i knew that i was good. Even though they never cared to accept it. There was something inside of me that was waiting to be accepted and appreciated. I spent all of my life feeling miserable and doing all the wrong things not knowing what to do with my life. Things when I look back feels were terribly wrong things to have done. You know the thing about the things we do right? It can never be undone. So I am at this point in my life where I need to accept it. I have to and I must accept the mistakes I have made in my past as my mistakes. And agree to move on and live a changed life. But what about my future. What about my success. This whole thought came to me because I had to share some truth about my life to a dear person. Someone who cares about me. And that person made me see all the things that I have been doing wrong. And I agree with that person. I have in fact been wrong for a really long time. I have been wrong about my parents about the way I have been conducting my life. So the question the reason I was bored at a very interesting seminar is because success to me is a very different idea from that of rohini mundra. She said in the beginning of the seminar that success means to make lots of money. Which I completely agree with. But before that, I need to be successful with my life. I need to accept my parents and my life as it is and be happy with them and it respectively. To me success at this point, is to find my own grace. Meanings often change to mean something else eventually. May be once I accept my life and become happy with it then I can think of achieving success in the definition of rohini. There is no doubt that rohini is fantastic mind shift coach and I would be ecstatic to have her as my own coach.. if I could ever afford her(!) But nevertheless I feel an enormous amount of pressure and nervousness to think of the one on one meeting with her this evening. After all she is successful in every aspect of her life and i am the exact opposite.

Guilty of not sharing

This whole thing about eating good food and not sharing it with the people and animals who are hungry, on the road, makes me feel so guilty. I feel that I should not buy expensive food and that I should help the poor instead. It’s a good thought. But is it enough? Will that make me happy? It certainly will make some other people happy. I do feel extremely sad when I see old people begging on the streets for food. Like what was their mistake? Why are they left behind on the road to beg?

Did they have a kid that left them behind to beg on the street without a bit of responsibility in his heart? Was he not provided food when he was a child by the same parents whom he does not care about anymore? How heartless has he become? Does this world create heartless people? If that is true then I will not be one of them. I love my family, my elders, my parents, my animals and then myself. It may not be in the same order always but I do love them.

This world has given me many failures but love will not be one of them. There are many things we can do in life.. We can travel, photograph, write, read, clean, be happy, and I think we should also add help the old to our list. I can’t give money.. but I can give food. It’s not going to be very expensive.. just a couple of idlys.. or some rice.

You may not always find them. But sometimes you will walk past them. You will see the horror in front of your eyes. There will be an old couple, or an old woman, selling cabbages, or begging on the street. At that point, stop, buy food and give it to her. Bring a smile on to her face and her heart. Let her know that there is someone in the world who still cares about her.



Love is ridiculous

How can love, a feeling so pure, begin and end with your eyes? How can it all be about beauty? If people, values, sentiments and thoughts play a role in judging a person’s character, then how can we still believe that beautiful things are made of gold? If it does, then is love pure after all? 

Take me for instance. I fall in love only for the most beautiful men in my world.  It started with Steve brooks. Steve was white, he was an Australian. My standard of beauty was someone who was white. I was not white, I have never, in all my life, believed, that I was beautiful. I have always looked outside for beautiful things and beautiful people.

I have always been attracted to beautiful men. I think that is what I want to understand first. To be attracted is natural. But it matters what we are attracted to. Why should I be attracted to beauty? Why can I not be attracted to knowledge? Or intelligence?

The second guy I felt that I wanted was someone I don’t want to name. But he was rich. I wanted him because I thought he was beautiful. No I cannot explain why Because I don’t know why I thought He was beautiful. He was sexy, he was young, he looked like a star from a bollywood film. When he walked down the stairs i thought he was beautiful. There was a smell I associate with him. I have sensed this smell a few times in my life afterward. It always reminded me of him.

I think when you want someone, its pure desire. There is no love in it. There is just a goal to achieve. It’s what you feel when you look at food. You want it. You’ve tasted it, you know you want to consume it. You feel hungry for it. You enjoy the sense of taste. Even though its a sense so temporary, even though it means nothing, you still enjoy it mindlessly. As far as life goes till now, love to me is a feeling like that. Its a goal i want to achieve to make myself believe that i am beautiful. Getting a beautiful man means that I am beautiful.

But thats what i do, it is not who i am. I believe that people who fall in love are the most foolish of all. Because like a moth caught in a spider’s web, people who fall in love suffer. They don’t know what brought them into it and they don’t know how to get out of it. They only get consumed by the brutal feelings of it, often caused by the most silliest attraction. My heart is so cruel to be in love with something so illusory. But like my good friend once said, fool me once Shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I just mean to say that any knowledgeable person would not allow themselves to be fooled twice by the same situation.

Because we learn. Learning is the secret to life. We learn and we grow and we become the person that we are on the inside. You are not what you look like. You are, an idea. And it is your responsibility to shape your idea as you wish.

And so tonight I got to thinking about love. I have these unresolved thoughts which I could take back with me into the abyss of my silence. Am I shallow to fall in love with beauty? Or Am I silly to not realize my own beauty? And do I still need a man to let myself know that i am beautiful?  

What is the point of it all? 

The secret to any story is that there is no story at all. It’s all in the mind. There is no such thing as meaning it’s all in what we believe. Similarly, The meaning of life is to give life a meaning. So go out there and change the meaning.

A few weeks ago I wanted to meet new people. I thought meeting new people was going to make my life more interesting. And I met someone, now I realize that meeting this person is the most painful thing I ever had to do to myself. 

At four am in the morning I find myself wondering why i have to always fall in love and move on? I wonder if pain is an evident part of everybody’s life or just mine. How ridiculous of me, I am sure everybody experiences pain. 

When I was younger I used to avoid pain because I thought it made life easier. But the truth is it’s important to learn from pain. And you cannot learn from pain until you accept it. 

Today after all that I’ve been through, i learnt that its easy to love people than to hate. It hurts me to know that after all these years of fighting back I am still unable to be the person I want to be. I still cannot do the things that I want and only because I care too much about the happiness of the people in my life. 

I guess God always gives us only the things we can handle. And whatever is the pain that we are going through right now, I believe it is all going to be ok. 

So here I am thinking about the point of it all. These thoughts, these memories.. What am I supposed to do with these memories? Why meet someone so perfect only to say goodbye? Why love? Why part? Why should we let go of the things we’d like to own? 

The truth is i cannot erase the past nor can i write the future the way i want. So All that i can do is change my mind. It’s not going to be easy but it’s important that i do it. The most important thing to remember is that being happy also means to let go of the things that make you sad. 

#staystrongespeciallywhenyouareweak #loveislife #lovemeanstoacceptitthewayitis #keeploving #loveneverhurtnobody #itsallgonnabeok #neverregret #learnfromyourmistakes  

Cracks me up.

When you create things, there is an incredible amount of energy and flow which you witness. Sometimes I find myself wonder where all that knowledge came from. People always consider me stupid. It’s probably the faces i make or the endless jokes I crack for no reason. I like to be funny because I like to laugh. And it makes me happy to know that people are laughing because of me. 

I have always wondered if people were laughing at me or because of me. I still don’t know for sure. I think people like my jokes but they don’t realize that they are laughing because they understood something I cracked. I think people are slow but my trainer and my coworkers believe that I am slow. 

It is true. Sometimes I am so involved with myself that I take more time than others to understand things. But if you think about It, everybody takes time to understand things depending upon their interest. But people always point at others mistakes. Like I just did. Again, if you think about it, what a funny world. I find happiness when I laugh at the serious aspects of life. It makes the whole world light. It makes it easier to accept life when you choose to be funny. 

So the real question is should I be ashamed of myself because I am funny? Or should I be proud? Because those are the only two ways I know to be. People learn things. Learning never stops till the end of time because inside each and every one of us there is a voice. And this voice is constantly asking us what to do. Should we be happy? Or sad? Or funny? Or smart? Should we laugh or smile or cry? Should we be envious or kind? What should I be? What should I do? This voice can never be silenced. It’s hungry and beautiful. 
So I say i must accept it. I must accept the fact that i am funny. I also think I must make use of my funny nature or thoughts but in a respectable way. But that’s only my first idea. There are plenty more ideas to choose from. I think I should accept that I am funny and be serious about it. I should not laugh at myself because I am my first critic. And if I don’t love myself nobody else will. 

I was out yesterday meeting some people and I felt respected when they told me that it’s very bold of me to be writing this blog. I feel that I am headed in a direction that’s going to be pretty good. 

Good morning. Have a nice day. 



Death is part of life and living. In fact death, completes life. Death makes our life valuable. We live in an ever changing world as emotionally attached souls. We believe we are meant to be here and we work hard towards our goals. This world makes us believe we are purposeless if we are not playing an important role.  Reasons are plenty to be put down in this world, where all that we are meant to be, is loyal to our soul.

Only when a person dies, do we really notice the strangeness of his existence. Until then, we are busy worried about many things that concern ourselves and our own lives. Only when a person dies, do we realize, there is absolutely NOTHING we can do, to be with them again. Nothing hits us like death. When we know someone close to our heart is gone and will never return again.

My friend’s father died. Its been so many years since i met him or my friend. When i got a call from my classmate who informed me about the death of an uncle, i thought i would not go to his funeral. After all, i had transformed into a stone. Water cannot penetrate through a stone, but strangely, it did.

There was a part of me who was astounded at this news. I loved him for a reason i cannot understand. I began to feel guilty for not having seen him all along. I realized if i don’t see him now, i will never see him again. I was pushed out of my bed and before i knew, i was running to say goodbye.

On my way back to this old place, many memories were flashing in front of my eyes. Memories of a man who we were very fond of. When he had a choice to do something in this world, for some reason he chose to make us smile. He would always do every little thing to make us all happy, to makes us feel together. He never saw a difference between his daughter and us. He treated us all alike, we were happy to be around him.

I reached their house. I saw the most liveliest man, life-less inside a coffin box, his feet tied together with a piece of cloth, with a faint smile on his face. I’ve always known that smile. My heart began to feel heavy, there were tears in my eyes. I could hear his voice in my head. His jokes and smiles. How strange is life? Its been so many years and yet, these memories are fresh on my mind.

My friend has always been a strong girl. I’ve respected her mother because she always seemed serious, i was secretly scared of her because of all the seriousness. She was still serious, but in a state of mind only she could understand. I wanted to touch her feet, there was no reason to it, i just wanted to.

I could understand what was going on. She has lost her soul-mate. She was as life-less as him, only, she was still conscious. Her eyes were moving. They were moving towards me. She said something that i couldn’t understand. I leaned forward to hear her better and i heard her say, “He always asked about you. He wanted to see you.” What could i say? I cried.

I knew the truth. The truth behind my hiding and running away from friends and family. I was emotionally closed to this world. I had locked myself in a glass box and never wanted to get out of there. I wanted to make it big in a fancy world. I wanted to become a Director and come back out and meet them all.

When i was young, Xavier uncle encouraged me in my photography. He was proud of me. He was my favorite father. He loved me in a way i was meant to be loved, and i loved him back too. But i wanted to make it big in this hopeless world. By the end of this unknown goodbye, i realized i was wrong. How can i apologize to him now that he is gone? How can i make him smile? How can i ever talk to him again, tell him all my jokes and all. It is never going to happen, it was all just a dream. I am a dreamer, and i have let life pass me by.

I met my best friends there at his funeral house. Faces i had imprinted in my heart. The five of us ended up in the kitchen, which officially is our place of worship. We stayed in there for a while. Its been seven years since we met, and all that we could think was, how much he wanted us to be together. He always said it. “Always stay together, Take care of Jennifer” We the stone hearted five, were still hanging out in the kitchen talking about life. We never took care of Jennifer, we always left her behind. It was harshly strange, that it was her father’s death that reunited us again.

By the end of it all, aunty said her prayers, it was more of a goodbye to her husband. She said “He has always taken care of me like a child, no other woman would ever find a husband like him. His body lies here, he lives in my heart.” She thanked him with all her heart and all that words could express. It was the most beautiful goodbye ever. We cried. We cried all that we can. I touched his feet to say goodbye. I wished he was alive.

They changed aunty’s clothes, they put slippers onto her feet. She neither hesitated to participate, nor was part of it. She was lost somewhere within herself. We were hanging by the gate, as we watched them leave. It was as though aunty was returning to reality. Jennifer was so kind hearted, even at this stage, she was making people feel comfortable. My heart was guilty of love untold and unexpressed. I returned back to my childhood when it was easy to laugh and smile. When it was easy to trust people and love them the way they were.

I used to trust people blindly. There was never a reason to trust anyone. I blindly trusted them because i wanted to. Jennifer and her father trusted us like that and we trusted them back too. That is why our relationship was special. This is what i could not follow or understand, anymore. Life had taken me through unsustainable turns, and along the way i had lost faith in people. I had lost the trust i had. This goodbye, reminded me that there are still people in this world, who are worthy to be trusted and loved. This world is still a beautiful place and happiness changes it all.

Xavier uncle’s death enlightened me, it opened my heart again. A place that has been shut down for many years. My face was frozen with hatred and anger. There was nothing more that could bring back love into my heart. Today, my heart is filled with love, and i will not hesitate to express it. Nothing is worth not being happy. This world is a happy place and it always should be. Xavier uncle brought back light into my heart, and unfortunately, all that i can do is remember him by.

Windows for the soul

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

I’ve always enjoyed reading this. This is a great explanation for how our mind works. There is always that inevitable intention to make sense out of everything we see. This tendency to make sense is not just for language, but for our world, our surroundings, our existence, our daily life, our relationships, family values, virtues, beliefs, even life on the whole. After all, we spend our entire life trying to make sense out of it.

“Making Sense” is unique to every individual. Individuality arises because we are limited to our senses and controlled by the mind. Identity is man’s idea to keep our individuality intact. Apart from the fact that we have different names and that we are different in color, we are all the same beings. We are thinking beings and the significance of perception is the same to all of us.

Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of the environment, by organizing and interpreting sensory information. Our sense organs collects information from outside, and our mind interprets it within. We live inside our body, understand and survive through change, we learn everything we need to learn about what is outside of us. There is a wonderful world outside, as well as within.

Outside, its an appearance world. All that we see outside our self is light. Our main source of light is the sun. Light alone exists, and the colour that we see in the surrounding is generated in the mind. Where there is no light, there is no colour. Colour changes with light. Visible light is a small part of the complete electromagnetic spectrum.

Complete spectrum of electromagnetic radiation...

Image via Wikipedia

Out of the radiation spectrum, visible light is the only wave particle we can see with our human eyes. Light falls on every object, and for us to be able to see the colour of the object, a whole lot of mechanism takes place. The object absorbs the light wave which corresponds to its pigment and reflects the rest of the light wave. The reflected light ray hits our eye and depending upon its wavelength, colour is generated in the mind. Colour is not real, its perceptive.

This is why colour blind people cannot see some colours, and blind people cannot see at all. Colour is different in all our eyes, it depends on the amount of cells we have in each eye. All that we see, as the world outside, are collaborated images from both our eyes. It gives us depth perception. Our eyes create a 3 dimensional view of the world to distinguish light and shadow, to understand how nearer or farther any object is. Our eyes help us see, and we only see what we want to see.

Beauty is as we believe. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If we see something with love, it automatically becomes beautiful. This is a strange phenomenon in our magical world. Science can explain this even better, but, unfortunately, the language of science is very old. In this era of change, it would be greatness for our human race to discover our true potential, our divine nature, so we can live with the joy of salvation blessed in universal harmony.

God‘s light exists within our hearts. It has a powerful shine, and when it shines we glow from within. This is not an ordinary world. We are not ordinary people surviving a government. This is a supernatural world, we are divine creatures capable of change. All that we need to do is surrender to being. We need to trust in the higher power and free fall. Our life is the best journey we have ever taken or ever can.

We have to lose the false sense of self which is created by identity. We need to awaken to a higher consciousness and sing praises of our creator within. Where there is no more attachment to the self and to the material world, we are free to claim back our relationship with the supreme power and remain in bliss, we can attain nirvana.

Man’s restlessness can come to an end if he seeks the powers within. The purpose of life is to attain universal harmony. There is a verse from Natya Shastra called Abhinaya Dharpanam (Stage Craft). It teaches the way to create Rasa(Emotion). As humans our divine purpose is to create the appropriate emotion at the appropriate moment to experience divine bliss. The verse says…

“Yatohasto Tatodhristi, Yatodhristi Tatomanas, Yatomanas Tatobhaava, Yatobhaava Tatorasa.”

It means,

“where the hands go, goes the eyes, where the eyes go, goes the mind, where the mind goes, that is expressed, where there is expression, emotion is evoked”

This is the pathway to universal harmony in dance and divine love. The universe is within us. The precious light of god lives within our body and contains our soul. The soul never dies, it never gets old or affected. It is an energy that can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can only be transformed from one body to another. It is that which we can never see but feel.

Even though we are born as individuals in this world our purpose is to become one with all. This beautiful world can only be seen through the gift of eyes, which are windows for the soul.

Changing Realities

Reality changes, as you believe.

There is always one reality. What is present and what is right now. This reality, constantly changes and it changes with time. We have previously learnt that time is the unsolvable mystery of life. The factor being it cannot be seen or felt and it keeps moving forward. We can never go back in time and no one can tamper it. This is our blind faith in the mystery of time, and it is due to this blind faith we fail to recognize a wonderful changing reality, that is changing constantly.

We live in submission to our own belief and remain limited by it. Our belief in time is so unshakable that it is impossible for us to stop and think for one moment, that time might not exist. After all, we work on time, we wake up on time, we sleep on time, we eat on time, we live for the time-being, then how could we begin to believe that time is not real? But the truth my friend, is that, it isn’t.

Time is a dimension, a perception, a concept. A concept created by mankind. Time is imaginary. The reason for its creation, is to measure the rate of change. This world is constantly changing and without time, we will never be able to follow history. Our life would be meaningless without time. It would be as though, everything happened at once. We might die with the sensation of never having lived at all. To make our human life comprehensible to our own selves, great minds of the past, invented time. It is not part of our nature, it is part of our minds.

Reality is unique to everyone of us. Each of us have a unique story running on our minds about ourselves. We are the creators of our lives. What we believe is our reality. Our future is as we see. Our mind is a fabulous agent that helps us move forward and at the same time keeps us contained within our insecurities. We are the strongest and only if we want to be.

We are a reasoning device. All we need is one reason to make us believe what we want to believe. We are free beings who can do anything we want. We live in a society, it contains many of us. It is we who compromise and blame others for our failures. It is a reason we find to not move forward, to not take control and remain stuck in a place, where we don’t want to be. We fear future. We fear what we can’t see and dont know. We fear life.

Reality is a wonderful journey through change. It takes courage to move forward in time. It is stupid to wait for opportunities. The fearless, follows his dream. Each one of us have amazing dreams, and would do anything to make it true. Would it not be great if someone had told us how to make our dreams come true? A strange part of life is that, sometimes all that we need to do, is take the first step, and everything else will fall in place.

This universe loves us. This universe would do anything to make our dream come true. All that we need to do is believe in it. Believe that if we are on the right pathway, the right will happen. If something is going wrong it is only because we are not right. Spiritual learning never seizes. It is an ongoing process from birth to death. God‘s guiding light stays with us forever. We have to open our eyes to see it.

Our job in darkness, is to take decisions. Our mind involves us in the decision making process all the time. There are no wrong decisions, only doubts that lurk beneath the surface. It takes confidence to stick to our decisions. When we stick to our decisions, reality changes. Life is like an escalator, all you need to do is take the first step, and we will be dropped off where we need to be. It helps if we are aware of where we stand. It makes it easy to get off, after all, you never know how many more escalators you need to take. You never know how far you need to go.


In a world of attachment to be detached, is salvation.

Every animal lives to satisfy its basic need. Food and sex. As humans we need shelter too. These are the inevitable desires of life. There cannot be anyone, who can possibly say “I have no such desires at all!” If they did, that would be a well crafted Lie. We are all animals and we survive only to consume, Reproduce and die. This is our universal need.

We are emotional beings. We need our emotions to be understood and satisfied. Most times, when something is missing in our life, it turns out to be a person, or a job, or a valuable stone, a feeling from the past, or just an imaginary future. Whichever it is, the want always exists. There is always some want or the other, some need, some unfulfilled desire, still leeching on our minds.

Our life is a product of these long term, unfulfilled desires. Once generated in our mind, we subconsciously begin a struggle to satisfy it. Most times, we end up spending our entire life just satisfying it. The funniest part, is that we never get satisfied. Each morning we wake up, we are hungry again.

We are all  needy for love, greedy for sex, thrifty for money and wanting fame. The list of human desires, could only be endless. We imagine all that we want and strive to find it. Some times, we find it. Most times, we just sit down, stuck with a long face with a sensation of being a failure. We become immobile, chaotic, choice less, unsatisfied and suffer emotionally. We are not content with what we are. The result is that, we are caught in a loop and we cannot breakaway from it. We have lost our freedom to the smallest desires of life.

We are beings of fear, Jealousy, Anger, Lethargy and even boredom. This is the reason we are restless. This is the reason our life is completely meaningless.

We are living in an era of Change, welcoming the age of reason. We can attain order, and it can be attained only in reason. It is time to reason the unrealities of life, and accept what is real. We, the people, are a social community, of Friendly yet evil animals. Our world is filled with a great number of this only kind.

In all nature, we have lost the sense of humanity. We are now, Corporates, Brands, Products of fashion, Exhibitors of love, Identities, and most importantly, we are a group of individuals who have achieved economic globalization. Which means, now the entire world comes together to join hands, to smile, and to accept the fact that we live to make money.

The unspoken truth is that we hate each other. We are jealous, envious and angry. There is hate in the air, violence in the atmosphere, and anger in the oxygen we breathe. We are emotionally impure. We are the guilty.

We exist in this material world. In here, we possess everything. We care for our belongings. It doesn’t matter if it were things or people. We demand ownership over everything. We are obsessive and compulsive, over ourselves and everybody else. We constantly want something from everybody. That is the reason we talk to each other.

We have goals. An imaginary finish line. We are all entertainers, performing in front of a grand gallery of spectators. We hear loud roaring noises and it makes us nervous and petrified. We are running as fast as we could. There is always a thought on the mind, we might just trip and fall. We might never wake up again.

These fears exist in us, because we are emotionally insecure and attached to people and ourselves. Emotional attachment is the root cause of the fear of death. Since we love the world so much, we are not ready to part with it at all.

The idea of death, is always unacceptable to our human kind. Why should death be scary at all? If we know it is inevitable that everyone born in this world has to die, then why is it so hard for us to accept it? The root of this problem always returns back to the attachment we have with our own identity. The unique sense we have created to our own name. The belief that our name is real. The belief that “I am” the name i believe.

We don’t care about anybody. We only care about what everybody feels about us. This is how we have transformed into the evils of society. Too bad, we cannot return to being cave men and cave women, covered with tiny bits of leaves and no sense of shame at all. Today, we are civilians and we pretend we don’t have feelings. That is only a lie we project.

The truth is we have feelings. We live in a sexually repressed society. We wish we can be as outgoing as we want to be, but we cannot. We have become the image we wanted to project. We are no more a human person at all. We are calculative, manipulative, pretentious beings, worse than the most dangerous animal in the world. Today, the weak fears the strong, and the strong brings order. We are slaves to hierarchy and to our own minds. This world is playing with Human Respect.

Respect is the highest emotion we can give another animal. Respect is what makes us believe that we are right. People who know it, use it, and get used to using it. People who don’t know it, get used by it.

There is a way out of this mess. It is the way our religion teaches us. This will get us out of the loop we are caught in. The pathway to peace and freedom. To lose all attachments to desire is the only way. To realize all feelings are unreal, is the pathway. To believe, to change, and to let go, is the process to attain nothingness. To understand that we are living in a movie and all that happens is happening in our head, is enlightenment.

Feelings is the by product of an emotional state. As you think, so you feel. As you believe, so you change. Human life is a gift. A gift from the eternal being, to the beings of love. Attachment to any worldly desire is a sin. In a world of attachments, to be detached, is salvation.