People are different. Not everyone cares for the things you care about. Everyone is bothered about their own feelings and thoughts and that alone. Nobody cares enough to understand how or why a person feels the way they feel.

People are different. People cannot be randomly classified under good people and bad people. There are many many more kinds of people. There are happy People, sad People, I think each person tends to be dominated by a particular emotion.

I know a sad person, I know a happy person too. But the happy person is not really happy and sad person is really sad. It’s life, it’s what life does to each person and how they react to it. How they turn it around or accept it. These are the things that define a character.

An innocent mother might accept a life that she does not like and pretend to be happy. She may never be really happy in her life. She may have never achieved any of her aims or goals. Her body could have changed into something she does not relate to. She might feel that she looks ugly.

There might be a child who is lonely and wants to be loved and cared for. She might grow up into a bitch who is rude and ruthless. Or it could be a boy who was abandoned who could turn into a killer.

Circumstances. Circumstances is what makes or breaks a person. But what we choose to do is our character. Life is a wonderful journey filled with twists and turns. With each turn remember life is doing something extraordinary for you. With each twist remember god is changing your life to do something extraordinary.

You must understand what god wants you to do. You must make the best of that situation. You must excel. Life is for the people who want to change themselves, adapt and become new. Never stay stuck in a place. Learn and grow, and eventually we will all succeed.