Smartphone syndrome and pain

I cannot stop looking at my smartphone. Like all users I am also a victim of the smartphone syndrome. There is so much to look for. Facebook, instagram, google, poetry, videos, WhatsApp.. Chat with people, spend time understanding different lives, do something on our own, create. But no matter how long I do that, a part of me is still looking for the people I can never find again in my life.

At those times, I simply feel disappointed. As though I have been left out from a crowd. As though someone took me to a fair and let go of my hands. I want to cry but im not able to break into tears in the morning. It is only in the night, when there is complete darkness and nowhere to go, and nothing to do but sleep that I break down and cry. To cry is a great thing, because everytime you cry, you accept your reality more and more.

Why do we keep missing the people who have moved on from us? Are we too attached to understand that life is a passing cloud? I guess that is it. I am too silly to not realize that its impossible to live the same moment again. There are a lot of people out there who are always waiting to do the same thing for the rest of their life and that is the most boring thing one can ever imagine to do. Life is a fascinating journey, and one must experience everything. Good times, bad times, happiness, sorrow, flowers, food, travelling, conversations, jobs, future, one must always be ready to experiment with their life. It may seem scary initially but eventually we realize that life is meant to be experimented with.

Yamini. ❤


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