The constant fight between who you are and who you want to be.

I have always been rebellious. I have a rebellious mind and in fact I have a rebellious soul. But like most youngsters I have never known what to rebel against. I had no idea who I was or what I should do so I simply did everything that I liked. I am no longer a child and I have no interest in being a rebel. I know who I am and what I should do. I appreciate the system because the system is perfect.

The carefree and arrogant nature that some people are born with is one of the most powerful things one can ever acquire. If you have a soul that will stand up for yourself and fight for everything you believe in then you have everything you need to not only survive this life but to create a life which you desire.

Going back to the previous thought, why it is wrong to rebel. I was also like you, I thought that the system is wrong. When I say system, I mean the government, our civilisation, what we have been doing for thousands of years as a human race but i no longer think so. I now understand that the system is right. Even though it was not intentionally made and even though it is simply a result of chaos, I still believe that it is perfect. Because, after all these years, here we are, living in democracy. By the people, for the people and to the people. I have always been fascinated by politics and I will always be.

The system is so perfect that it leaves every man to himself. Every individual has the right to defend for himself. Everybody has the privilege to do what the want, which is why I believe that we must not rebel against the society but enjoy it.

We must work hard and come out of the misery and create a new world for ourself. This is what we are born for. This is why we struggled all our life. This is what we want to rebel against, if we must. We want to rebel against poverty and we want to rebel in the right way. We want to be the people who will create significant changes to our society. We want to write a new future. We want to celebrate this life and say thanks to god for enlightening us while we are still alive. We want to embrace everything around as and spread happiness and love. We want to.


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