Who to be and who not to be?

This fight in my mind started because of a small confusion. I had gone out to meet a friend and in all intentions, I wanted to wear traditional clothes but I ended up wearing something sexy. You should know that women don’t think sexy as a bad thing. We think sexy as just a word. A word that means nothing but I suppose its about time we realize what “sexy” in “fashion” really means. I am trying to convince my mind to choose the word decent over sexy, in the sense of “fashion”. 🙅

So it was just another evening I was invited to meet a friend at a public place and I decided to wear something a little bit sexy. In the end, I did not look good. I know it because we took some pictures and I looked a little bit on the lines of ugly. 😐 It’s been over one month since that happened and I am still not over it. I finally have convinced myself that when it comes to my fashion choices, I want to be decent. I hope this helps all women, because choice is the secret when it comes to almost all things in life and knowing how to choose fashion is kind of important.

Anyway, on further thoughts, i think it is necessary for women my age to accept who they are in all ways. Its not just about choosing to be decent in fashion. Its about everything, from words to lifestyle habits, to food. I have got to learn how to be decent with food. P:s: Its a story that I will never tell.

Acceptance is kind of like the emotion I am going through right now. I have to accept my age, my skin tone, my choices, my body, my emotions. Yes, there is a lot of acceptance that needs to happen in order for me to be happy. But on the other side I remember all the people from my past, the life that I have lived, not that I ever looked good living that life, but I was happy and its hard to accept that my life is no longer the same. 😢

Its difficult to make life changing choices and to live it. Sometimes I think of myself as a genius, at other times, I know that I am stupid for reasons I cannot even begin to explain. Failure is a pretty doomed feeling. My failures make me weak. I am not able to do my work every time I break out realizing what a failure I am.

According to the ritual of self image, one must know who they are. You can determine your self image and in fact you must. So how do you do that? You have got to know what type of person you are, are you a good person or a bad person? Are you a happy person or a sad person? What is your fashion? What are your goals? What would you like to do? What matters to you? Who are you? What do you like in food? You pretty much have to have these and more questions answered in order to live the life that you have always wanted. Are you a strong person? Or a soft person? What are your weaknesses? How would you like your appearance to be? Visualize everything, and be surprised when you see it all happen right in front of your eyes. This isn’t my theory, its the theory of self image. So that’s why it is important that one works on their own self image.

So why dont iI ask myself right now? Am I a failure? Or am I a successful person? Who do i want to be? Some question are worth beinganswered.



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