Happiness is a journey (part 2)

Man’s search through all time, from when he has been to when he will ever be, is the eternal understanding of happiness. We all want to be happy. We like being happy. I believe that happiness is beautiful. But just because I believe so doesn’t mean that I must be smiling all the time.

There is a small difference between reality and fake. Reality is real, fake isn’t. And my philosophy of happiness begins and ends there. You have to be happy for real because that is when its beautiful. I like my mind, Its stubborn, its angry for all the right reasons and it deserves to be loved. Its good, more than anything its good. And I love it because it is good. I think its beautiful, because it is good.

If you want to be honest, who is the one person you would choose to be honest with? Just a thought… Think about it… I guess, being honest with god is one of the best way to be… All the time.

So… There are lots of times that you would curse god asking him why you are not happy. I’ve done that a lot and even in those most painful times, god has given me happiness. My point here is not about god. Its about happiness. Its about being okay with pain.

Sometimes a lot of people, my friends, have thought that its wrong that i have a liking to be sad. But really nobody likes to be sad, and neither do i. But i just think that its important to be sad. There was a time in my life, when I would do anything to avoid feeling pain. But that did not help me. Because i had failed to understand why I was in a situation that gave me pain. Accepting pain is probably one of the best things we can ever do. Because when we do so, we learn that pain is only temporary. If you just held on to it, things would change.

My friend always said “nothing is going to change” it made me feel sad, may be I should’ve told him that it would. Because you got to be your own saviour, nobody else is going to do that job for you.

Things always change. Your pain would go away for ever, if you learn to accept it and eventually you will become happy. Everything you wish for comes around. Life is this. Its simple. Its a wave after a wave after another wave. And it is wise to learn that these waves lead you, to happiness.

Mk. ❤


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