Life unfolds like a story, revealing every character for who they are, slowly and steadily life does its job. I have asked a friend this question, many times, what do you think of life and he always laughed thinking I was funny, perhaps.

I was just watching a video about swathi, the girl who was murdered in the railway station and i was wondering what significance swathi’s life has in the bigger picture.

There is “always” a bigger picture. One that we are not aware of. I call it history and i suppose that is the truth. I recently saw a picture on 9gag that says Andromeda galaxy is going to collide with milky way galaxy one day. Believe me, one day we are all going to die. It is a little bit strange to say so but its true and i am not going to live my life hoping in a forever.

I am not going to exist one day. One day I will no longer be able to think for myself. One day, I will no longer own my body, I will not be able to see, smell or hear everything that I love in this world. There may not be anymore meaning left to decipher and in fact there will be no more world to look for a meaning. 😔

This brings me back to that thought about stories. How does one create stories? How does one give meaning to a situation? How does meaning arrive or come into existence? In Bhagavad Gita, it is told that there is a way to understand Krishna but you cannot do so by using the power of your imagination. Those were the words, but the word I am looking for over here is Imagination. Imagination is my little craziness, the fun that lies within every mind.

So I was wondering if swathis death was probably the most significant part of her life because it became a news. I wondered if she had to die for us, people, to understand that we must learn to help people when they are in danger. But it feels wrongs even as these words come out of my mouth.

No one’s death should be the most significant part of their life. Everyone’s life is important. Everybody has people in their lives who cares about them, who love them and people they want to care about and love. Above all, everyone has a story in their mind about themselves, where they are warriors, and heroes, and saviours to their soul. Everyone is important. Every single life is unique. Life, I think is a magical journey through heaven and hell and our job is to make the best out of it. Tomorrow when you wake up, something new is going to come into your board. You are going to think of a new idea. You are going to wake up and continue where you left off. I only have one thing to say tonight. Life is very short.

Even then, if life had to be compared to a story, it would not do justice. Because there are so many moments in life, exciting ones, slow ones, fast ones, painful ones, beautiful ones. So therefore, I’d like to change my idea that life is a story, and rather create a new one, that stories can be created from life and Not just my own. .



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