I am simply running behind a butterfly.

I am running behind a butterfly and there were days when I was running away from it. I collect stones because my mother collects stones. She collects beautiful ones. Ones that shine, gem stones, she recently bought a marble because the ones who sold it said that it was a divine stone. I don’t know why she collects stones. I don’t think that even she knows why. I am not sure she even realizes it. But I do. I not only collect stones but I paint on them.

Life is this amazing thing. I am confused which way to go. I am not sure what I want to do. I am always left with two options. I can either be an artist or I can make movies. I am always left with two options. I don’t know why I believe that. Perhaps because i haven’t thought of more. I like animals. I like wild life. I like to be part of wild life. Sometimes I think the greatest thing a woman can do is to clean the house and be beautiful. Honestly to me, its a huge task. I like to take care of everyone in my family. I guess its the best thing a woman can be.

It’s really a debatable thought. Do you have to be a homemaker? Can’t homes be made on their own? How difficult is it to make homes? Its all just a matter of time management. I am thinking of getting married. Probably to the right person. I am looking for an unforgettable, unforgettable.

So stones, confusion, marriage. If I am playing my cards right, I guess I am headed for something and I am not even sure of what it is.

I have decided that marriage is the appropriate thing to do. Right, interesting. Its like Narada’s story of Maya. Its no wonder I am not tired anymore. I am not being rude to myself. I am simply taking control. Because after all, I am chasing butterflies and it is not the other way around. I mean, im going after something beautiful, because beauty didn’t come after me. May be because I never gave it the opportunity to do so. I don’t want to be tired. I just want to beautiful.



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