Happiness is a journey.

I read this line in a book, that happiness is a journey. Many of you might have read the book yourself, The monk who sold his Ferrari. It’s a very informative book for anyone who is interested in transforming their life. That book contains many ideas that I have incorporated into my life. One such idea is that happiness is a journey.

I am a very insecure person. I am constantly worried about my looks, about my life, about my relationships, and now about my work as well. That’s why learning that happiness is a journey has made me feel so much better about everything.

Sometimes during the day, when I am upstairs sitting on an old and broken desk, listening to the slow cawing of a nearby crow, I wonder to myself, what is going on. Sometimes when my phone bill is due and my works don’t come through, I wonder if life is never going to change. But I know that it will. Through hard work anything is possible. Life is never the same. No two moments ever appear the same. That is why time is precious. No matter how slow life seems i am constantly moving forward.

It took me years of failure to finally understand the weird workings of my mind. It is only in patience that one can understand one’s own emotions. Your mind talks to you in various ways. Through the lyrics of a song, through a feeling that arises from the random thoughts of a friend. From a cup of coffee you sipped watching the beach. Life always gives us an opportunity to understand ourself. Life wants us to see what is wrong. Life wants us to notice what we are going through.

Because my job is to make myself happy. To take the right decision. To drive. Every now and then you might feel lost. You might hopeless or ridiculous, there are so many emotions that runs through one’s mind . It is only in patience that you can understand them all.

It helps to stay patient, to take happy breaks, to spend more time with nature, to listen to your heart. To take breaths of joy. Yoga heals. To me, I am fascinated by light and colour, even the greys at night look fabulous to me. I like the sound of my mango tree when violent winds pass through it.

But eventually they all make sense. You face your fears, confusions, problems. You learn to build strength within you to conquer your dreams, your desires. When we do our duty god creates circumstances and opportunities in favour for us, because god loves us. God is an amazing entity.

Sometimes we keep our happiness in the wrong place. Happiness is like a special diamond that is kept inside a box. When you open the box and take the diamond out there is a beautiful glow that shines through it. But sometimes you keep the key to that box in the wrong places. If you leave the key to this special box inside someone else’s heart, its most likely that you are in trouble forever.

So where else can you keep It? If I keep it in money, then once again I will be caught in the vicious circle. I will lose my happiness for the wrong reason and gain it for the wrong reason as well. So the question still remains? Where can I keep the key to my happiness? Peace is an extraordinary feeling. Peace connects me to my soul. Peace may be I should learn to become happy with peace. So I will never have to lose my happiness again.


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