Time flies

It was only yesterday I had stepped foot into my 12th std. Everyone said it was the riskiest phase of school life. I always wondered what they meant when they said “school life”. Was it the life I was living in school? I thought if that was what it was, I was going to be epic.

But I turned not anywhere even close to that. I was one of those kids with exactly 10% of concentration power. I was a very weak kid in studies. If I had the ability to understand as I do today, I would have been great at studies. I wasn’t.

I never realized what I did in life. I never knew what to do. There was only one thing i always stood for. I stood for which i believed was good. I believe in good. I desire good. Good is the word I’d choose if someone asked me what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’d choose good over everything. So I’d definitely choose good over bad. Even if, it were me I was choosing over.

Sometimes I think life is running as fast as it could perhaps always leaving me behind. And I’d run with it, as fast as I could but its amazingly strange how much more faster this life actually is.

Sometimes I feel afraid that I am only me. Small and mediocre. But I think god has blessed me with everything I desire. God has also taken away the people who don’t belong in my life. I think it is because god has a plan that is better than mine. And I always love his plan more than my own. Because gods plan makes it magical for me.

As the mystery unfolds everyday I begin to know more and more about it. With each day I feel the world is changing and transforming into the most beautiful thing I had ever seen or perhaps the most beautiful thing I can ever see.



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