The thing about fear.

I am sure we are all familiar with fear. Everyone in this world would have experienced fear. Like all feelings its a very natural thing. If I was writing my own story then I would’ve killed fear in the beginning. I would not have let it grow. Because fear is a horrible thing. Its like Being able to see it but you cant do anything about it, as if its out of your reach. As if its beyond your control.

What is fear? How does fear come into existence? Its never just a feeling, there is always a reason behind every feeling. So when I say my fear of butterflies is beyond my control, clearly, I am wrong.

Because, for the record, call me an egoist it does not matter, but I have to say that there is nothing beyond our control. ! Ps: Because we are a mind, we are the ultimate truth of life. We are the thing in everything.. 😜

If I am the first person who talks about the divine sleep, then let me be, but i’d like to say sometimes the divine sleep of life makes us unable to reason, which allows fearful thoughts to grow. Which in turn facilitates fear. To explore divine sleep, one must explore the human condition. Even to the most knowledgeable yogi, fearful thoughts might enter effortlessly.

The things that cause fearful thoughts are: Overthinking and negativity.

My cousin once told me that my core was negative. It was the first time someone had brought to my notice about negativity. Its true, I am negative in my thoughts, in my worries. Sometimes I think of my mind as a clock that can go in reverse. My positive attitude somehow gets shifted to negativity. Its not easy for me to realize it. Even though I try hard to understand how and what has happened. It still takes me a while, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes even a month, to realize it.

The mind is amazing. Positive or negative, its equally extraordinary. But what we need to realize here is that the mind is also powerful. It draws close what you wish, whatever you wish. Which is why techniques like the #secretofthelake and #meditation is necessary for life. Taking ten minutes out of your busy day for meditation and #secretofthelake technique can transform your life and purify your thoughts.

Fear, like any emotion has no control over you, unless you allow yourself to be controlled by it. Fear is a sign of weakness. Never be afraid of anything. If you are afraid then figure out a way to understand that you are not.

#work hard for what you want. #achieve your goals #when its over you will know it was the easiest thing you had to do.

With love
Mk. ❤


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