Why do we keep falling in love?

I don’t know much about love and its influence upon oneself which is why I write as much as I can about my past. When i say past I mean some incomprehensible moments like the story of Steve brooks.

Something’s in life are like that. You have to take the time, may be even slow down to understand it. Slowing down doesn’t mean you’re gonna have low blood pressure and die. It just means that you care enough to understand a situation.

Anyway, if you really had to wonder about why we keep falling in love over and over again, I’d say its because of boredom or in simple words having nothing to do.

Having nothing to do makes you want to fall in love? Really? Hmm.. I disagree. 😜 Actually having nothing to do or boredom attracts you to someone you like.. but love? Love is something magical that just happens. Love is the one thing which I think, nobody has the power to control. Its like a numbness that enters your heart, through your senses. To me its probably through a person’s voice. I am attracted to some voices and some words. Sometimes I lose interest in people when I don’t hear the right things.

There are a million stories of love which will tell us the reasons for which one loses their mind over love. Its like a movie ticket that you’ve bought and you just cannot miss. Its like a craving you get for a special food, on special occasions and you’re always going to want it until you get done with the craving or move on. Love is like that craving inside your heart.

Lastly we should all be thankful for our ancestral men, the ones who invented language because language strengthens love. Language sweetens the journey. Language gives meaning beyond love. Obviously communication is the bridge that binds two people forever, or more so than nature or love can ever do.

So all that said, the question, “why do we keep falling in love?” “why is love necessary in our lives?” Because we want it. We make mistakes in our relationships, we learn, we get better and we try to love again. Because love is beautiful.

To love someone and to care for them is an amazing journey. Its best explained in religion. The apple you shouldn’t bite. Maya. Love is an elated sensation cast upon my ears. And I value every second of my existence in this world because this is where I can experience and share this wonderful feeling of life.

Cheers to positive thinking.
Have a nice morning. Love you a lot.


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