Exploring trust and other issues.

I am not able to understand the idea of trust and I think its necessary that I do. I cant remember when I lost my trust on people but i am sure that i have. And I feel that its important I learn to trust people again.

That brings me to the knowledge of what trust might be. Isn’t it amazing that people have the choice to do? Ever since I realized this I have seen the world differently. The world has never been the same. The world suddenly became a magical place where everyone was gifted and powerful, where everyone had the choice to do whatever they wanted to do and at that point I told myself that I was enlightened.

The world is truly magical. This life is magical and what we do with it matters. So I have a lot of dreams and hopes for my future. But ever since my best friend/boyfriend left me, my ego has been so damaged and broken that I find myself fallen into a deep pit and its seems almost impossible to rise back up again.

But life is all about falling, rising back up and remembering to never fall again. Me.. AKA The BOSS!! πŸ‘

Honestly, my life has never been the same ever since he left me. Everyday is a new journey. It took me a while to get a grip and its taking me forever to stabilize. But I am getting there. I find relationships to be the most important education in life. I find myself happy to have been torn and hurt to receive the light that I enjoy today. So i am happy that he found it important to move on. I am totally fascinated by art. Having considered photography as an art form has changed my life. I find that being slow is a gift in life. It is only In patience that you can see the real magic of beauty. Curiosity and having nothing to go for has made me realize, admire and enjoy the endless beauty of nature.

But its getting late. The marriable time has passed.. When will you get married? My mother constantly asks me.. I don’t know…

Ok? I don’t know. Until I find the right match? Is that too long? I think, a marriage should be an amazing journey for two people Together.. Not a bus ride from ayanavaram to villivakkam. I don’t want to settle for some mediocre bullock cart man just because im 28 or because im gonna be 29 this November. I’d definitely identify the right man when he comes around in my life. He need not sweep me off my feet, but I would know that he is the one.

Wish me good luck.


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