What a nice morning it is…

There’s something about life that feels amazing which I think should be written. It must be the rain or that I no longer have the strength to fight and that I’ve given it a rest. There’s a kind of an extraordinary peace that comes when you leave your problems to god. In other words, life feels beautiful when you accept it.

I have been working so hard for a goal, and I know I am close to achieving it. I wont give up my dreams just because I am a little tired. Infact I am refreshing myself with yoga, pranayama and sudharshan kriya. Sudharshan kriya is the act of purifying action. It is taught by the art of living foundation and I feel very lucky to have learnt it. The practice leaves me feeling peaceful.

The journey to become a director has been truly one of a kind. I have never experienced anything like it in my life and I know wherever it takes me, its going to be beautiful.

I am in this place in life where I have no unfulfilled desires or reason to worry. I feel really lucky to be where I am. I am happy that I am single. I am not worried about marriage. I realized that marriage is not to be done for the sake of doing it but to be done only because you want to. I should be really thankful to god for bringing me to this point. All the pain seems worth it.

Good morning.
Have a great day.


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