What happened when I first fell in love? (cont’d)

I don’t know. I was insecure and a little buzzed out from play time, Angela asked me questions and I lied. I said Steve held me by my hand and proposed to me. “propose” 😂 lol at my choice of words.

But that was not the disturbing thought. As my good friend joyston had pointed out, I never get embarrassed. *true* *embarrassed about never being embarrassed* but, the most disturbing thought to me was why I was saying that unbelievable god damned story.

Only when you stop to think, you realize. I cannot believe or forgive myself for taking not less than 25 years to understand why. I said that story because i loved him.

Yes. Now I am embarrassed. *lie*


Ps: When I first fell in love I told my teachers that he proposed to me. *shame* *guilt* *vomit*


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