Art is not for everyone. Or is it?

It was one of those  evenings after school and I had accompanied my friend to this newly opened, youth inspired, outfit showroom called show off. It was one of the best places to buy clothes, if you had a liking for a new age-hip culture. It had the best shaded jeans you can find. They had the kind of clothes that would make you feel sexy, look chic and fabulous. But I wasn’t from the type of family that would support being chic or care about being sexy or fabulous. So i was simply too afraid to ask my parents to buy me the clothes that I wanted from that store. Its been over eleven years, now there is a furniture showroom in the same place as that store. After all this time, I wonder, perhaps, if I had asked my parents for what I wanted, then they would have bought it and I could have been happy.

I am at this point in life where I am left alone to wonder if life is some sort of a fight for survival rather than being a pleasant experience. I am a photographer. I believe that art is the essence of photography. I think art is beautiful. And pursuing a career in art has somehow become my dream.  I also want to experiment with film making. I have worked with a few directors and learnt a thing or two about the work. And now I want to do things on my own to see if I am any good.

But I cannot do anything unless I have the money or the support. I am feeling frustrated and angry. I feel like  It’s the show off situation all over again. My friends keep telling me to take up a job. Even my own logical mind asks me to work in advertising agency and to design and get paid well. But I love movies. I want to make movies. So here I am, sitting awake late at night, looking at all the party people from the city who made it to the tuesdays paper, party section, and wondering, is art only for the rich?

Can people from middleclass families become successful with their dreams?


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