Chennai and the great floods.

In the last few days I have heard so many of my friends declare their desire to stand in the upcoming elections. Well, it’s only natural that people with a good heart want to change the government after the devastating rains that changed the life of Chennai.

Chennai is where I was born, Chennai is where I will live, and if life permits, Chennai is where I will die. Nothing, not the fear of floods nor the burn of the sun, will stop me from making Chennai my homeland.

At least, I will try to make Chennai the most beautiful place in the world. I have a dream for Chennai. A few years from now Chennai will be known globally for its art and culture.
Somewhere in the corner of my mind i have a fleeting desire to take Gana songs and make Gangster rap out of it. May be it would be a huge hit as hip hop was and is. Yes, no doubt that classical music is still the blood that runs through my spine, However, gana is the original voice of Chennai. Chennai is all about the fishing, the trade and the art.
So that’s that. However, todays life is a totally different story. Every page I turn, every channel I switch to, I see the most terrible stories of a day that changed the life of many, many people in Chennai. When i travel on the road, i see the remains of the flood. It was a peaceful day for me. On the morning of December 1st, when I woke up it started to rain and it didn’t stop till the next morning. There was absolutely no water around my area but there were localities in the city that were totally washed away.

And along with the water, went their homes, their belongings, and their hard earned life. There are stories of fatal death, loss of property, hunger and pain. There is news that shakes the very belief of a stable government.

The sticker scene of Selvi. J. Jayalalitha is one such news. I believe that it was not a direct order from jayalalitha herself to stick her photograph on the relief material or the buses that were free for travel during crisis. However one cannot deny the fact that it was at the time of need that there was no help from the government.

There were so many volunteers, providing help with rescue, accommodation, medical relief and food. It was an emotional experience for people like me. Chennaites.

Ananda Vikatan, a weekly magazine had pointed out very accurately how people had died by the lack of knowledge from the government and had explained how the government should have handled the situation. After reading that article, it felt like 👍 yes, that is what the government should have done.

But, here comes the most important thought running on all of the peoples mind. The anger towards the government and the need for a reliable government. After hearing the audio message of the CM, I know she is capable of building my dream city. I am sure it is a fire burning in the heart of the CM herself as a desire to build a government that we can all be proud of.

However it is not enough to have a heart burning with desire, if one does not know what to do. Man needs to dream. It is in the ability to dream that he can build a future for his desires.

Our CM needs a dream. A dream to live for, her dream as of now is to continue to be the CM of Tamil Nadu. But what about its fate? Fate and destinies are written. Oh god, won’t you give my dear amma a dream that is worthy of her life?

With hope,