when friends dont care..

There comes a time in life when you want to do something that is not conventional. Something that is challenging and something that is big and life changing for you. Strangely, during that time you would notice that all your friends leave you. No matter how hard you try to keep them they will not stay because you’re life is meant to change.

God somehow removes the people from your life and makes way for new. I don’t know why but its true. When it happens you should understand that it happens because its right. These people, no longer belong to your life. So dont try to go back to them and beg for love. They wouldn’t understand.

They wouldn’t care that you’re hurt all that matters to them is that you are not what you are meant to be. Or that you were not able to achieve what you promised.

They wouldn’t know you’re struggle. They wouldn’t know you’re pain. They simply sit far away and judge you because they think they are so damn right. My sincere and patient apologies to the people who look down at other people just because they are not financially settled, or they are not in the same stand as before, or that simply because they don’t understand you. Its pathetic when you notice how your own friends talk without the memory of the past.

Its good. Its all good. I am sure we have done as many mistakes as themselves. Life changes because you have become a different person. And that person may not be acceptable to your old friends. Love the new people in your life because they are worth it.


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