there is so much left unsaid… !!?

I was listening to a charles bukowski video 📼, in which he had said very clearly that if writing doesn’t come to you, don’t write. I wondered to myself if I was wrong to choose writing as a career. I don’t know, may be its not meant for me because I find it difficult to sit and transfer my thoughts into reality.

I find it difficult to stay calm and accomplish my writing goals. Its probably because I am attempting to write screenplays. I don’t know if i am fit enough to become a good writer but i truly enjoy writing while I am at it.

Because its straight from my heart. If i didn’t want to write i would think about these thoughts in my mind. I would find a comfortable position to sit and i would form each word for every thought inside my mind and smile to myself.

I’m looking for a word that means more than extraordinary. I think I have found it. “powerful”.. How powerful is a mind to draw the attention of all. A mind is all there is.

I was thinking about the life source inside our body. The soul. I have wondered very little about life after death. There is a small hope created in my mind by the Bhagavad Gita. As the Gita has promised me there is a possibility to be eternally free after death, to join the supreme consciousness of god. All I need to do is say the hare Krishna mantra. But perhaps, I need to know what it means.

My mother once told me that when a person dies they either piss, shit or vomit or there would be a spill of some bodily fluid from one of the many holes in a human body. She had proven it with a sub-story which she truly believed was true. I believed her too. Until now, because now I’m starting to feel that the soul can never be separated from the body.

There is only a conscience, in a place non-existant which we all call the mind. I am pretty sure that plants have a mind of their own. All animals have a conscience and through the years i have understood this.

I believe that when a person dies their consciousness seizes to exist. They can no longer perceive the world with any of their senses. They can no longer think.

The mind is a reflection of what exists. I simply reflect myself with words everytime i write or think. Man is an extraordinary being to have invented language and civilization. Man kind is extraordinary. I am a mind trapped inside a human body. I will always be.

The mind is a beautiful place to live. I feel courageous everytime i say things like these because i realize that it explains my surreal life.

I talk to animals and watch lizards eat rice. I can feel a divine connection with the world. Yes, I still have worldly desires. I want to be married and I want to do something in cinema.

My life is my biggest problem. I am on a journey to find the ultimate solution. Happiness must be the ultimate solution for life.. 😍

No matter how painful life seems. Remember to feel good. Remember to be true to yourself. I need a constant reminder to express my feelings because sometimes I just don’t realize it.

Searching deeply for love,


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