New thoughts about Autism and the mind.

For a long time I kept wondering about the secrets that one can understand through autism and then I had forgotten all about it. Thanks to a beautiful lady i met recently, she rekindled these enormous thoughts inside of me. So much to say, there’s a fire unlit burning to be set free.

Autism is a mind issue. What I literally mean by that is, autism is not a mental disorder but an altered state of mind. And humans are unable to identify this secret about autism because of what is called the human condition.

Perhaps, it is quite necessary to discuss the human condition. We, all of us, men, women, all of us, we are all working towards the modern civilisation. Towards self goals and satisfactions. Our entire life revolves around the things we want. People, things, materials, goals, Feelings. There is a driving force for everything and that is the secret of the human condition because we believe in the theory of a mind, which means we do not believe in the mind.

The fact that your entire life is happening inside your mind is the unrevealed, enormous secret that I think autism is able to show, define and obtain.

I’m gonna have to explore more concepts about the mind. What is a mind, exactly? A mind consists of memories, ideas, concepts and beliefs. It helps us perceive, understand and think. It kind of is what we are made of. It’s me and it’s you.

If i didn’t know butterflies were ugly then i wouldn’t be afraid of them at all. If i didn’t know i was 27 years old, i wouldn’t have to feel so tired all the time. I need not carry along with me the burdens of my life if i did not know them.


The reason i want to classify autism as a mind issue is because i find autistic people to be normal. I understand that autism is a different brain condition and their ways of perception and thought is entirely different from ours. However, I cannot overlook the fact that our mind itself is as complex, and far from understanding. Which means the mind is a complex biomechanical machine.

Our entire life is created by our mind and yet we have so much disregard to it. We pretend as though it doesn’t exist. Every day, we dream, we day-dream, we are affected by our memories, we think, we guage, we conclude, we feel, we forget, its almost as to say that our mind is forever at work.

An autistic mind is no different from our own. It’s a mind constantly at work. I’m pretty sure It has unanswered questions. If i probed my own mind, i would know what is the latest research that i am upto. I have been focussing a lot on fire lately. I have always thought that fire is beautiful, sometimes when i stare at it closely i realize that its the most beautiful thing that I can ever see. If you watch fire closely you would see tiny sparks leaving all the time. It would look like shooting stars, tiny little shooting stars by the end of a matchstick. And like that, every single human being is upto his/her own research. Understanding animals would be an entirely different journey all together.

Not to mention, i have been having some thoughts about autism and maya as well.

There’s a famous quote by sigmund freud..

“Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?”

To me thats the most amazing thought ever because the answer to that question is “nowhere”. A thought that is raised inside your mind stays until you care to think about it. Thats how a mind works, It thinks. Man is a great thinker, and now with autism, man can think even more greatly. I see it as a gift, and many parents I know, do too.

I do not see the life of an autistic person, meaning, I only see their emotional behaviour, so it is easy for me to just see their mind at work. I observe people, i observe what they do, why they do what they do, and if it was useful to them or not. Its one of the most favourite things for me to do. Lately i have been feeling that its a total waste of time, but i cannot find a more appropriate word other than “the gift of observation” if i had to refer to what i have been upto. It has been a unique phase of my life and i have come to realize a few secrets about humanity. To be continued.