Most of the amazing things i have learnt in life are from films. Many things like money is not real” and i specifically enjoyed the movie inception for the “not real and yet so real” feeling that the movie generates.

Not real and yet so real. I could think about it for some more time. Real and yet not so real. Lets take time for instance. If time was not real would we not grow old? Lol. Time may not be real. But change is. Your body is simply reacting to the changes of your feelings and taking shape. Time is not real, most realized souls, realize that. I suppose enlightenment is all about attaining a point when you realize that time is not real after all. You can google it, wikipedia it. Time is a means of measurement.

Time is a means to measure the rate of change. Life is an array of feelings. Good feelings, bad feelings, each person to their own feelings and understanding. Each person to their own story. Each person to their own life. What you do with your life is the only challenge and its really upto you to do what you want.

Sometimes i think of life as a dream. Its true i have experienced it many times to accept this. I believe sometimes that life is constantly on a repeat mode. So i understand that the only way to stop repeating the same pattern is by not making the same mistakes. Change yO. Be brave.

I think inception is an amazing film. Its a straight take on what man must do. Dream fearlessly. We all spend time reliving our memories. Sometimes in our own darkness we wish we could change it. Sometimes we take an effort to change it. Sometimes we destroy everything that we have painfully created, in order to go back to that one happy memory.

Happy or sad. You have to make new memories. You must have faith in god if you are one of those divers in the sea of simulation. Trust in god and just take a leap of faith. If you win, you win. If you lose well at least you tried. Learn to be more daring to speak what you believe. You may be the only person who believes it but there is an entire world out there that would support you and create you, as per your dream.

Learn to stand up for yourself. Learn to be without fear. Learn to live. Don’t forget to love after all that’s why we were born. I think humanity is god’s goal to make us all feel as one. Individual and yet connected. The mission is to be one remember?

PS: I don’t like the character of saito. He is a good man but e is a crooked businessman, but he is also, a loyal person. Duh.. !  Its kind of confusing. Is he good or is he bad? Choose a side Nolan.


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