Faith is born when man can feel dedicated towards his belief. There are many aspects of Hindu religion, from krishna to puranams, from vedam to carnatic music, the religion is vast, but i personally believe that there is nothing to understand in a religion. You just have to choose a religion and feed love and devotion to god. There are many gods in hinduism and each god is a mystery of his/her own. As i am a beginner in religion i cannot explain the meaning of every god and goddess, but i can talk about one particular god. Lord Vinayaka.

I found it extremely strange and i still do, that in times of distress, i would see a vinayakar statue. It would come to me as a reminder that god is out there and that everything is going to be al right.

There is something about knowledge. You can keep developing your knowledge, in fact you must. The ultimate goal of a mind should be to achieve its optimum. Every mind is unique. Every mind is filled with meaningful ideas that must come out in the open and create a kingdom of its own. In order to do that one must learn. One must be aware of the system of civilization. One must understand the environment to be able to make a point, to bring forward a change.

Its everybody’s dream. To make a change. Everybody wants to make a change but nobody knows how. How can you possibly make a change to our society? Signing petitions and trusting in the government is one way but on the other hand there is freedom of speech. There is the Liberty of free thought. We live in an era where your thought counts, your ideas matter.

All you need to do is find a way to voice it. In short i believe that vinayakar is the giver of knowledge but i am going to explore more and know more about vinayakar before i accept this thought of mine. You too can voice your views about hinduism. I am happy to know that there is field i can explore. Religion.


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