Choose Life

Trainspotting. A juvenile drug movie. What can one possibly learn from a drug movie.. Let me rephrase.. Allow me to rephrase. What can a drug abuser, a junkie, a person completely blinded by the belief that drugs are the only answer to life, learn, from a movie like train-spotting?

The answer I’m looking for is….”The value of time and the meaning of life.” bet you didn’t think of it. Bet you don’t care!


But what you do care about is why i raised the thought.. Why choose life…. Trainspotting is a must watch movie.. Not only for mindless junkies, but for every person who longs to know what he must do with his life. In the end of the movie, you would feel exhilarated by the words of Mark Renton. You would realise the importance of your choice in your life.

Choice. How mindless can we be to forget that we choose the miseries and joys of our life. I don’t mean to blame you. I mean to make you feel responsible for every event and non event of your time. Time is an individual’s asset, as is his home, his bike, or his mind.

Every time I decide to do what I want, it would be a beginning of a phase. A phase filled with chaos and fun and everlasting memories. Every time I choose life, something strange happens that I don’t remember every minute of being there. I only remember the people and the events of that time. So what is it to choose life? What does it feel like to choose life? How do you choose life?

How many times have you woken up in the morning and felt the warmth of the sun on your skin.. Or walked on the shore on a cold evening and listened to the sound of the waves.. How often do you sit in your room and stay calm to identify every single sound you hear from the roads far away. How often do you smile at a stranger for no reason.

Have you sat in a coffee shop alone to drink coffee and read a book you always thought was good. Have you gone for a jog in the dawn and made friends with a dog. Have you seen the light that changes as you move? Have you played with a kaleidoscope for a little longer than you knew its just some patterns of broken bangles stuck inside a box? Have you known what you feel every moment. Have you done something for it to change?

When you choose to live, you forget the most disturbing side of yourself and open up to the most beautiful sight… The world. Life is to know where you stand between both and to realize that this is your job forever, to live one moment at a time.

You’ve made a choice to read, which means you want to be where you are and that you’re happy being where you are. You want to do something. You’re job my friend is to figure out what is best for you and to do it. Choose life. Your entire life depends on the choice you make. Good evening. Have a blessed day!


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