I was watching the movie Rango sometime ago, there was something very unique about the film. Sense depends on what you think. I’ve probably been thinking a lot about conversations and the effect a conversation has on a person, because i noticed that the movie rango was all about a scared willy sheriff who takes control of a dirt mob by doing nothing but speaking in a language they listen to. When i say listen i mean the kind when you not only hear what you’re being told but you do what you’re being told.

So, i’ve been thinking or rather been lost in wonder trying to understand the nature of that language. What is the secret that we need to know about it? What is the language that has the magical power to mesmerize the busiest mind and to make the most stubborn person do what you want him to do. What does taking control have anything to do with language?

Human beings think. We think in words. We think in images. Most importantly we think to understand. Understanding or to make sense is mans everyday task. Its his every minute task. Its a task so important that every single task that he needs to do, depends on his ability to make sense. He makes sense of what is going on around him, he makes sense of what is going on within him, and only then he realizes what he must do in order to be part of this world.

Now the secret of this unapproachable part of his mind is his raging need to do something. To keep himself occupied, to not be controlled by his instincts. He has to do something in this world in order to survive, to live, even to think freely and what he does depends on his motive. The motive is different for each of us. For some people its money, for some people its family, it could be love, it could be sex… acceptance, fame, future, cars, bikes, to win, to feel secure, to change, to find something new, to buy, to spend, to feel free… The amount of motives that exist in the overall spread of people is in-numerous.

Each person’s mind is different, each person’s desire is different. Each person’s will and wants are different. But there is something very common amongst all of us. It is the need to do something, as we all have time and most of us are aimless. We don’t know what to do, we don’t know where to head, we don’t how to change our lives, but we all want to. Now, some people may be immensely satisfied with their lives, even they have to do something in order to satisfy the chaos within their mind. The oldest of the old, and weakest of the weak also has this need. All they need is a little motivation, a pat on their back, a pat of wisdom. A dream for the future. An aim, a pathway. Somewhere to go. If they are told what they need to do, and if they do Where they will go, and if that place is part of their motive, then we all follow like a dirt mob. This is the secret we need to know.

We are all lazy people, we cannot think on our own. We may have dreams, but we cannot be sure if its possible. We believe in what people say, we have an attitude that feels like, if it is told it is true. We are all believers, we believe in what we see, what we hear and only what we know. We cannot take that leap of faith on our own, unless we have some friends to die along with. We are social. Its not our fault. We look up for leaders, leaders who will take the responsibility to be blamed when the plan does not work out.

Great leaders like hitler or gandhi or anyone who was able to achieve the love of the world by being a leader were all motivational speakers. The secret language of control is motivation.


WHen you’re told you can do something, and if this is something that you want to do, then you begin to think.. Can i really do it? hm.. and if this leader tells you this is what you need to be able to achieve this… then you secretly begin to wonder… do i have this? oh god… i don’t have that.. but if i do this, then i can have that.. great.. my checklist is over.. i got it all.. now i can do that something that i never thought i could.. So cool, i love my leader. I love him so much i will give my life for him, after all, he made me understand my true potential. Believe me, if you’ve had a leader you love, think for a while please.. Think and let me know why you love him so much. DO you really love him or do you love what he does for you?

There is a leader within you. It is your job to realize that you are your own leader, and to speak to yourself and motivate. When you do, you will watch yourself grow, to the optimum level you promised you will be, and then.. and then what, you’ve already sailed to the other side. Its just about time for a new dream.


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